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Hydrogeology for deep geothermal projects

I was recently at a transborder  congress in St. Gallen, Switzerland, and which was about deep geothermal projects for the production of electricity, and the messages there were twofolds: If the borehole here in St Gallen causes another earthquake like the on...

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Groundwater Science

A rather good book for advanced beginners     I just wrote a review on Amazon and you can read it here. I was perhaps too critics and indeed te book is not bad at all. Especially the graphics and layout are excellent but I hope there will be a new ed...

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The Darcy Law

Fundamentals of Aquifer Hydraulics Here is the Wolfram Alpha gadget that shows the Darcy LAw: It is quite interesting to know how the actual experiment was carried out: with a sand container of 2.5 meters (in the picture is written 3.5 but it was probably a mi...

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Water well from A to Z

Water well in the USA for single home use The following video show everything about making and running a water well for a ..single home use. I don’t know how many people have their own water well in the USA, perhaps quite a few. In Switzerland, Italy and...

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The End of Abundance

Golf vs farming, who deserves more water? In connection with my previous post on a new movie called “bottle life” (the documentary talks about the dilemma wheater or not to charge for water and how, or is water a commodity or a resource?) here is a...

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Pump Test

Water well pump test : knowing groundwater better A pum test of a water well can assess both the aquifer caracheristic (drawdown test) or the carachteristics of the water well itself (step test). In Pune, India, a simple drawdown water test is explained and in...

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What does an hydrogeologist do?

A video interview with an hydrogeologist based in the USA   And another interview with an hydrogeologist, also in the USA.   60 gallons of safe dye to find out where the water goes (USA). This is another task of a hydrogeologist What is an aquifer? Example form Florida, USA where 90% of dr...

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Encyclopedia of Lakes and Reservoirs, Springer, 2012

From the “Encyclopedia of Earth Sciences Series” (which includes volumes in sedimentology, geomorphology and world regional geology) Springer just published a new volume on lakes and reservoirs. It is edited by Prof. Lars Bengtsson – who teac...

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Must potable water have a price?

Bottled Water – A Swiss Journalist on Nestlé Business Practice A recent movie by Swiss journalist Res Gehringer and Director Urs Schnell (January 2012) raises what is an ethical dilemma concerning water: is water a commodity or a resource? For many people water is a resource because it is nec...

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